Monday, March 29, 2010

Recommended Christrian Books

Finally! May apologies friends for the delay in getting this list out to you. I have had many requests for what books I recommend so here it is. Certainly I will forget some, but here are some great books to have in your home to encourage you and your family. This list is obviously in addition to the Book of Books, the Word of God!


1. Websters 1828-A must for definitions. In my opinion, all other dictionaries combined do not match this one! Available in CD format, I recommend the Hardcopy, available for about $60.

2. Strongs Concordance-I do not utilize the definitions but use this for finding specific scriptures.

3. Commentaries-I am not a fan of any modern commentaries, and even older ones from good men need to be viewed as commentaries only, NOT scripture! saying that any commentaries by Spurgeon, Wesley, Luther, Matthew Henry etc. can be helpful.

4. Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

5. Kingdom of the Occult by Walter Martin

6. Naves Topical Concordance-Though I do not agree with every reference under some topics this is a helpful book.

7. AIG (Answers in Genesis)-Though these materials are not King James, AIG puts out some great materials(books, audio, DVD's etc) that are excellent regarding the creation/evolution debate.

8. Kent Hovind-Brother Kents materials are King James, and again are excellent resources.

General Non-Fiction Books

1. Memoirs of Charles Finney 1989 edition.

2. Revival Lectures by Finney

3. Crystal Christianity by Finney

4. Gipsy Smith, His Life and Work by himself

5. Backwoods Preacher by Peter Cartwright

6. Sam Jones Biography by his wife (1909 I believe)

7. Sam jones Anectodes

8. Quit Your Meanness by Sam Jones

9. Sam Jones by Walt Holcomb

10.History of the Reformation by D'abaugne

11. Life Story of William Carey by Ellis

12. Man of Devotion-Life of Francis Asbury by J. Smiley

13. Story of John Wesley By Kirlew

14. 30 Years in Hell by Bernard Fresenberg 1904

15. Young man in a Hurry- Life of William Carey

16. Christian Literature Crusade (Any biographies by this company are recommended including Horseman of the King, Biography of Wesley, etc.)

17. To Be a Pilgrim-Biography of John Bunyan

18. Robert Moffat by Deane

19. Luther by Deane

20. Wyclifee by Deane

21. Call to the Unconverted by Richard Baxter

22. Saints Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter

23. Communicants Companaion to the Lord's Supper by Matthew Henry

24. Life and Works of William Tyndale by Cooper

25. Holy Fire For Unholy Days by Arthur Fox

26. Seven Years a Streetpreacher in San Fransisco by William Taylor

27. Here I Stand, Biography of Martin Luther

28. Valiant Pilgrim, Story of John Bunyan

29. Martyr's Mirror

30. Foxes Book of Martyrs

31. Sermons of Jeremy Taylor

32. TheDevil of Today by Chambers 1903

33. Young Christian by Jacob Abbot

34. Lectures in Revival, Ministers of Scotland 1840, reprinted by Roberts 1980

35. Man and His Message, Story of Billy Sunday by Ellis

36. The Billy Sunday Story by Thomas

37. Billy Sunday, His Tabernacles and Sawdust Trails by Thomas

38. Letters From Hell 1885

39. Repentance Explained and Enforced by J. Thornton 1823

40. Satan or Christ by Chambers 1877

41. Sermons by the Devil by Harris 1904

42. World's Greatest Preachers by Comfort

43. Spurgeon Gold by Comfort

44. Luther Gold by Comfort

45. Wesley Gold by Comfort

46. Hell's Best Kept Secret by Comfort

47. Why a Preacher and Not a Priest

48. D. L. Moody by his son

49. Sermons and Prayers by D.L. Moody

50. Mordecai Ham by E. Ham

51. Life and Story of the Hymns by Sankey

52. Christmas Evans

53. Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norrisorseback

54. Works of Jonathan Edwards

55. Flagellant on Horseback-Life of Brainerd

56. Life of David Brainerd by Edwards

57. Life of Adoniram Judson by his son

Also any books by the American Tract Society and the Tract society pre-1920.

My next post will be good Christian Fiction and childrens books. I hope this list helps!