Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeking after Signs (My Signs).

In Acts 3 Peter heals a man as he is going into the temple. What follows is that a crowd develops (v.11) and Peter preaches (v. 12). So here we have a case of a miracle being performed that serves as a SIGN to the lost and any Bible student knows full well that the SIGN gifts were exactly that, SIGNS to the unbeliever, that they would see the uniqueness of Christ and His messengers (1 Cor. 14:22). Now these gifts have been scripturally done away (1 Cor. 13:8-10) but many times and I mean MANY, the SIGNS and BANNERS that streetpreachers use serve as TOOLS to ATTRACT unbelievers, that we may PREACH to them.
So in Buffalo last week at the Thursday in the Square Rock Concert, where the wicked George Clinton band was performing, the crowd went wild as I brought out my "Ask Me Why Michael Jackson Went To Hell" sign. It worked! Within one minute, there were nearly 50 people around us and at one point in the evening, the number had to be between two and three hundred that gathered to express their opinion, ask questions, hear the preaching etc. While myself, brother Kenny, brother Greg, brother Dan and others preached, the gospel was published, the truth was told and sinners were warned! (By the way, we have NO joy when any sinner goes to hell and neither does the Lord).
Many of the brethren do not understand my use of such controversial signs, such as "There is no such thing as a Christian Homosexual," "Catholicism is False Religion," "Rock and Roll Will Damn Your Soul," Hillary Should Be Home Doing the Dishes," "Star Wars is Occultism," etc. but clearly these signs STIR up the heathen and the religious and that, my friend, is what is needed in these times! Recently while preaching in NY at the rock concert, a local pastor (King James Bible-believing?) stated that my signs were meant to "pick a fight" and he actually requested that I put them away. The signs that I had out were the Rock and Roll, Christian Homosexual and another one that read, "God is against sodomy, drunkenness, fornication etc." He approved of my other scripture verse signs but did not like these. Of course he had no answer when I asked him if any of these were unscriptural. Moments later by the way, when I inquired again as to the signs and why I utilize them, this pastor now stated that I did not use them to pick a fight (different answer than only moments before), but that I used them to get a response that would lead to conversations with people-THE PROBLEM! THESE SIGNS WORK! Am I careful about where I use each sign, do I have certain signs and banners for certain events-of course! Do I utilize signs that have nothing on them but scripture verses and passages-certainly! There is one pastor in the Rochester, NY area that will not allow the streetpreachers from his church to bring out there banners that name sin. What is the problem? Sinners need CONVICTED, they need STIRRED to THINK about heaven, hell, judgment and eternity! And these signs do it! Do you realize that the Lord Jesus Christ did not only use scriptures when He dealt with people! He used PARABLES! He used ILLUSTRATIONS!
Listen, if the Lord does not lead you to use signs like mine, fine...do not use them. But brothers and sisters, please allow me to do as the Lord leads me and be quiet otherwise! Do you know that there are some pastors and preachers that would never utilize my signs but they have enough MATURITY to understand why I use them and they do not attempt to change me. If only MATURITY among Baptists were more contagious....
1 Cor. 15:58

Friday, July 3, 2009

Preaching Against the Spiritualists at LilyDale, NY

Last Saturday some friends (Brother Greg and Sally and their friend Jeff) joined our family as we preached against the mediums, psychics, occultists etc. at the Lilydale NY community of spiritualists. The group got unhappy and upset as myself and the other preachers preached against the occultism within the small town within a town that has it's own fire department and Post Office etc. Quoting many scriptures including Eph. 5:11, Gal 5 (that includes witchcraft as a work of the flesh), Lev. 19 and 20 and Acts 19:19, many of these anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible individuals actually attempted to convince us that they were "Christian" and they "believed in Jesus" etc. The local newspaper and no doubt HBO, that was present to get video footage for a documentary, thought me harsh in my dealings with them. Wicked ungodly America would think that telling a friend they had bad breath was cruel. Regardless, let me clearly state that I stand with the scriptures. Horoscopes, communicating with the dead, necromancy, witchcraft of any sort (these liars tried to state that they believed in only good magic-what unbiblical nonsense!), wizardry etc. is WRONG and the Holy God of the Bible is against it all! My statements such as "No one that condones and agrees with what goes on behind these gates is going to heaven" outraged many of them and I say "good!" Let them be outraged about the truth being told. One of the men, possibly a leader in the wicked group, cursed at me with his filthy language, as I preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to him and told him that he was lost and on his way to hell. I also related to the crowd many scriptures that referred to those involved in witchcraft etc. in the Bible such as the sorcerer Elymas that Paul rebuked in Acts 13. What was my main goal in going to Lilydale that day. As I mentioned to those with us, my mission was to 1. Warn them that God is against their occultic and sinful practices 2. To warn them of hell and the judgment of God and 3. Then, and only if opportunity came about, to give them the gospel.
Until next time....