Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mother/Soldier Who Refuses to Deploy

Here we go again folks!
It sounds good. Mother loves son and does not want to deploy because of her responsibility to him--emotions reel, decisions must be made, the drama unfolds...
Let us consider a few things here:
Apparently this mother had the child out of wedlock. In any of the numerous news stories that I read, NONE mentioned that she is or was married. If that is the case, then she is a FORNICATOR! A physical relationship before marriage is WRONG in the eyes of God and this is evidenced many times in the scriptures (1 Cor. 6:9-11 etc.) In fact, if being a fornicator is a way of life for this woman, she is LOST and will NOT go to heaven UNLESS she repents. You see many problems could be solved by people getting saved and OBEYING GOD! I care not what society thinks, sex before marriage or sex outside of the marriage bounds, is SIN and WRONG! Well, everybody is doing it! NO, they are not! I am not, neither are the many friends we have that love God and serve God! I know many single Christian teens and adults that are pure and that will remain that way until marriage, BECAUSE THEY HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW GOD AND NOT THIS WICKED WORLD! I know many married Christians that are faithful to their spouses BECAUSE THEY HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW GOD AND NOT THIS WICKED WORLD! So, everyone is not immoral, though the majority certainly are. This problem with this "military momma" is she should have been morally pure and stayed that way until marriage. Some might say, "well, if she is unsaved, you can't expect her to do right." Hogwash! Many unsaved, with no Holy Ghost were pure 100 years ago. I have met unsaved young people at universities etc. that are pure, do not drink alcohol etc., though again, this is not the norm.
This "military momma" should have gotten married FIRST and then had children. There is a CORRECT order and regarding physical relationships, that is it!
Secondly, this woman should have, after marriage, STAYED AT HOME! God's way is ALWAYS best! Read Titus 2:5, "To be discreet, CHASTE, KEEPERS AT HOME..." Again, GOD'S WAY IS ALWAYS BEST!
I realize that this subject gets me in trouble often, but I will stay faithful to God's Word! One pastor that I preached for years ago would not let me back in for a meeting because I taught that a Christian married woman belongs at home. While I will not go at length on this post about this, I will also state that single Christian girls/women should not be in the workplace. That would be contradictory to the point of Titus 2:5. And it be would be contrary to many scriptures that deal with temptation, enter not into the path of the wicked etc. A single girl belongs at home with dad and mom until the Lord provides a husband! She can be a blessing by helping with her siblings, assisting with homeschooling, helping mom in the kitchen etc. GOD'S WAY IS ALWAYS BEST!
Concerning the immorality of our nation, in the USA Today article of Nov. 17th 2009, page 8D, it is stated that are more immoral when there are COED dorms. WOW! WHAT A SURPRISE? I am just floored! I would have never guessed!
Are you stupid? Have Americans lost whatever brains they once had. Tv has made the people of our country-walking VEGETABLES! You must have the mentality of a TOMATO if you think that putting unsaved, worldly, young people that are bombarded with sexual messages all day long in their music, tv and conversation-together in this scenario, will not lead to immorality-YOU ARE STUPID!
So, there you have it! If this female soldier had stayed pure, done things in the correct order and then been a "keeper at home" this PROBLEM would not have occurred.
As always, have a nice day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Wicked Day in Which We Live!

I went to a restaurant last Sunday after church with my family and our friend. As we entered the business I noticed a man who also was eating there, who had on a t-shirt that any normal person would consider vulgar. I politely requested to speak with the manager and informed him that the shirt was offensive and that he had many options including asking the man to turn the shirt inside out etc. Now this man had to walk right by our table and we had to see his crude shirt as did the other 100 or so patrons of the buffet. Apparently the manager had said nothing and I was outraged at this man's wickedness to wear such a piece of clothing in public. Now the person that spends his/her time watching HBO filth every day will surely think that I am too fanatical in how I respond in these situations. But how much do we listen to, how much do we take, before we open our mouths and rebuke sin?
My friend had already said something to the man, who for description sake was about 6 ft. 3 inches and probably close to 300 pounds. The man shrugged it off and went back to his table. I could feel the adrenaline start to flow as I knew the guy would come by again. I attempted to give him a tract and told him that he needed it, he muttered a derogatory response and continued on. I decided to approach him as he started to sit down and I rebuked him for being filthy and having a lack of character. He proceeded to shout cuss words at me and to threaten me. I decided at that point to call 911 and inform them that I was at the local restaurant and that I was being threatened. I returned to my table and a moment later the manager approached the vulgar man and offered him some free meal tickets to use in the future. I was appalled! Here HE was wearing a t-shirt that would not have been "accepted" thirty years ago in a public place and I was now the bad guy for rebuking him! I stated to the manager that If he knew Christ and possessed the Holy Ghost, he would understand what was wrong with Mr. Vulgar. He began to get upset and he gave me a liberal opinion of Christianity, but his anger flared when I told him that he knew as much about the Bible as he did how to manage a restaurant (we had a few problems nearly every time we had eaten there in the past). In the meantime, my wife began dealing with a "woman preacher" that did not like how I dealt with the man and she insisted that "to rebuke him was not how to win him to Jesus!" The only thing is, I was not out to win Mr. Vulgar to Jesus, I was there to rebuke him for being indecent!
Well, the police appeared and Lori and I were escorted out of the restaurant as some of the employees taunted a little bit and others suddenly got a tough-guy demeanor. The officer told my wife that there was nothing we could do about the man's apparel because it did not include cuss words on it. He also got upset when I declined to give him my personal information. (I told him that if I was not being arrested, I would give him nothing!)
Well, since I had about a half hour to kill as the rest of my family and my friend ate steaks and salad, I decided to go out in front of the business and preach the gospel. I was not being antagonistic, but it was certainly a good way to spend the time, so Lori and I went out to the sidewalk. They called the police again and two more officers joined the first one. It was the typical confrontation with law enforcement as all the employees that came out to watch joined the other bystanders from the busline that just finished eating, and they all heard the gospel. The officer was again appalled that I would not give them him my name and address etc. as I informed them about my right to preach, while quoting a few Supreme Court rulings to them. Soon, the family was done and shortly after, we left.
Are you prepared to be the bad guy? Interesting that this just happened days after completing my last blog that had to do with this exact thing. While I will not re-hash last weeks comments, I do want to remind the brethren that opportunities to stand for Christ and for righteousness and against sin and wickedness abound in our day! Let us all be a voice for righteousness in this time that is full of iniquity! Stop the seeker-sensitive mentality and rebuke sin and the sinner! If they repent, praise God! If they do not, praise God! But warn! Reprove! Rebuke!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It is time For the Christian To Come Out of the Closet!

As per the thousands of sodomites that I preach to annually, I must comment on the rapid acceptance of this sin in our country. Even our churches that profess to be "conservative" are quickly becoming "sensitive" to the sodomites. How about being SCRIPTURAL and reprove and rebuke the wicked and the sinful! Most of our preaching does not allow the Holy Ghost to work and convict the sinner because it is too watered-down and too seeker-sensitive. Thirty or so years ago, the churches began backing off on preaching against fornication and adultery due to the fact that some might get offended and that has resulted in many today not being aware that those actions are sin in the eyes of a Holy God! In five years, if the Lord tarries that long, the majority of America, including the RELIGIOUS crowd, will be unwilling to confess that sodomites are wrong and wicked, and many will not agree that the lifestyle is perverted.
I was in a thrift store recently and was appalled by a "man" in his early twenties wearing a SKIRT as he shopped! How perverted and unnatural! And how shameful for the Christian that will not open his mouth when he sees such wickedness! What did I do? As I went out the door, I PREACHED to the pervert who happened to be across the store at the time. I said, "No wonder America is going to hell" and "Look at the man in the woman's skirt!" etc.
It is time for God's people to come out of the closet and OBEY THE BIBLE! "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, BUT RATHER REPROVE THEM." The wicked are more bold about what they believe, while the majority of Christians do NOTHING! And when it comes to Christians doing nothing, there are two crowds. The first is sitting home watching TV etc. instead of rebuking the wicked. The second remains so "pious" that they will not get out and obey the aforementioned verse. Both are equally wrong! Get off the couch and off of the pew and get to work Christian! Complain about the trashy magazines at the checkout counter that should outrage you! You claim to be saved, but you do not have enough God in you, to ACT about this filth that is at eye level for a 5 year-old! Reprove those that use vile language in front of you! Speak up about wicked lifestyles when the relatives mention them! No wonder our country knows not what sin is! The Christian, that is supposed to be the standard, has kept his/her mouth closed. Enough men-pleasing! Enough lack of boldness! Enough of the, "I am shy" excuse! MOVE! ACT! PREACH! BE GOD'S MOUTHPIECE TO THE WICKED AROUND YOU!