Friday, June 19, 2009

Witnessing to the Archbishop of Slovakia- Highest Roman Catholic in the Country!

What an opportunity! While in Chicago at a well-known restaurant, I had the opportunity to speak the truth of the pure gospel to the archbishop of the country of Slovakia. Though his host needed to translate, brother Jay and I had about 35 minutes to preach the truth of salvation by grace through faith apart from works. This man is the highest Catholic in this country of 5 million people. I could not have paid money to have an audience with this man, yet the Lord opened the door! What did I tell him. I quoted numerous scriptures regarding salvation APART from works including Ephesians 2:8,9, Titus 3:5 and the irrefutable Romans 4:5 (which NO religious person ever has been able to refute, including Catholic theologians, Mormons, JW's etc.). I was courteous, but firm, as I told him that he was leading people to hell and that he believed and taught a false gospel message that is damning many! They were not happy however whan I addressed the archbishop by "sir" instead of his title. (I asked them to show me the word "archbishop" in the Bible). We dealt with a few other issues such as Matt. 23:9 and Jay addressed the fact of the Catholics that murdered the true Christians in the inquisitions etc. but the focus was on the false gospel that the RCC teaches and the archbishop's responsibility before God to renounce this false system and be biblically born-again. Please pray, we never know what the Lord may do with this witness with the archbishop, his host and translator and this man's wife, who listedened to the entire converstaion. Only the LORD can open doors like this and I praise Him for this opportunity! And while I was courteous, some might question the firm speech that both Jay and I used as we dealt with him. This is a false religious church that is wicked and blasphemous! This archbishop needed the truth, not an acceptance of their damning beliefs. As I stated earlier, both of us were decent and respectful but we did tell him that Catholics were "magical" and "cannibilistic" with their transubstantiation and that Mary was a sinner (Romans 3:10,23, Eccl. 7:20 etc.). This man needed the TRUTH brethren and that is exactly what he received! In fact what started the conversation was when I told him that we preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and the new birth, he said that we were on the same page and I had to correct him. Catholics do NOT believe the gospel message and their doctrine is accursed according to Gal. 1:8,9 as well as the individuals preaching the doctrines. So again, please pray that the Lord will use the witness! Thanks brethren!


Anonymous said...

You wrote: "I was courteous, but firm, as I told him that he was leading people to hell and that he believed and taught a false gospel message that is damning many!" --- Why don't you speak courteous to anyone else?? Foolish Man!!!

James the Preacher said...
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