Monday, April 27, 2009

Upcoming Preaching to the Covetous and the Drunks at the Derby!

This weekend will be our Kentucky Derby Blitz where about 300,00 will hear the gospel preached. We have many friends coming to join us in this endeavor including some from NY, Ohio, Iowa and Florida. Please pray for us as we preach to the sports idolaters, the covetous gamblers and the drunkards. You say, "Not at a sporting event, these are family events!" When my family was here preaching a few years ago, we had 4 police officers on ATV's surround me to protect me while I was preaching. As any true preacher that covers sporting events will testify, they are usually some of the worst regarding aggressiveness and vulgarity. What are you doing at the Kentucky Derby, some might inquire? Warning the wicked and preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The sad fact is that to my knowledge there will be NO local churches involved in SP at this event, which is typical. So please pray for the preaching and for safe travel for the preachers and their families as we serve the Lord, preaching and distributing tracts. This will be the largest group ever assembled together for this event and we need God's power and His Hand upon us as we obey Him!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catholic Heresy!

It amazes me how liberal and weak True Christianity has become in these last days. And of these areas is concerning false doctrine. The Catholic Church is NOT Christian and today many weak and compromising pastors dare not speak against the WHORE because they do not want to offend potential visitors to their churches. WICKED! The Catholic Church teaches WORKS for salvation, which is completely unscriptural (Eph 2:8-10, etc.) as well as such GARBAGE as transubstantiation, mandatory celibacy for the Priesthood etc. NO CATHOLIC GOES TO HEAVEN, unless they REPENT of their sin and their false doctrine (1 Thes 1:9, Mark 1:15 etc.). Can a Catholic be saved and attend the Catholic Church. In this day and age where the errors of the RCC have been exposed, I say-not for long! Would not the Holy Spirit convict as one bows to a statue etc. When I got CONVERTED to CHRIST, apart from any works, I had NO desire to back to the LDS (Mormon) church EXCEPT to PREACH to them! The RCC is the greatest religious enemy to True Christianity that this world has ever known and this will not ever change until the Lord destroys the whore (see Rev 17-19). Read the old books from the 1700's and 1800's and you find titles that speak volumes against this wicked religion. In fact, these titles speak more than most preachers will today. Pastor, why not pick up a scripture sign or make one that reads "Catholicism is false religion" and stand outside of the local RCC? This would be obeying Eph 5:11, would it not? Separate from this false religion and SPEAK against it, true Christians! Stand for truth in these last days and preach and teach against this wicked religion that is DAMNING millions! Do not dare to tell me that you care about souls if you are unwilling to do this!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Preaching Against Spring Break Wickedness!

Time for spring break and more wicked teenagers came out for their sin. While many complain that we preach too hard, those critics STAY AT HOME and do not see the vulgarity, crudeness and sinfulness of today's teens. We are to REPROVE and REBUKE as we preach (2 Tim 4:1,2, Eph 5:11 etc.) and unlike some that were down there (like Campus Crusade for Christ) we preached AGAINST their sin and watered down nothing. One of those from that group that was interviewed commented negatively about those that were out using bullhorns and made reference to witnessing to thousands. Witnessing to thousands is great as long as you have the correct message which includes REPENTANCE! Regardless, the preaching went well, but it is grievous to see the condition of our youth in America. Drugs, nudity, fornication, drunkenness etc. and we WERE NOT EVEN ON THE BEACH, BUT AT A NEARBY INTERSECTION! Praise the Lord that Repent America and Brother Marcavage were there (though we did not see him). At least I do not have to be concerned about him having an incorrect view of repentance. The police this year behaved, most likely due to my firmly informing them last year of our right to SP!
Those Warned-Thousands!
Thanks for your prayers!
James the Preacher 1 Cor 15:58