Sunday, April 18, 2010

Homeschool Karate A Recommended Choice!

Hello Friends, I would like to take a minute and recommend to you a series of DVD's called Homeschool Karate. Traditionally since my conversion nearly 30 years ago, I have avoided the martial arts. Having taken some classes when I was a teenager (boxing was my main interest at the time), I was aware of the "mystical, eastern false religion" aspect of the sport and just assumed that Martial Arts would have to be something that I stayed away from after becoming a Christian. However, a couple of years ago my wife ran across an advertisement in a homeschool magazine for a Christian Karate DVD set that emphasized the "Christian" perspective. We thought the program might be good for our children for self defense (especially considering our ministry of SP) and for discipline and exercise. As many of you are aware, I am the ultimate pessimist and assumed that these DVD's would not be completely up to the standard that I wanted in the home. I was very impressed brethren! The brother in the Lord that runs this ministry (brother Mike) had reassured me that these karate lessons would be acceptable in every way and he was honest! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EASTERN RELIGION IN THESE VIDEOS! THERE IS NOTHING THAT WOULD BE OFFENSIVE TO A BORN AGAIN BELIEVER ! In fact, the emphasis in these lessons is how to avoid a fight, there is none of the macho Hollywood mentality (so you moms can relax) that is normally associated with Karate. And please recognize that this business is also a form of ministry for Cross Training/ Homeschool Karate. Those involved in these DVD lessons are very good at what they do and no doubt this brother could make much more money if he would compromise his standards, allow the eastern religion slant, and take the Christianity out of the videos. I, and no doubt many others, are grateful for his being faithful to the Lord in his work that he does with Homeschool Karate. Regarding the Christianity, brother Mike references the scriptures at times throughout the DVD's and even gives a gospel message.
It has been a blessing to see my children increase in their self defense through Homeschool Karate as well as reap the numerous benefits that come with the territory such as working together as a team, leadership and following a leader, obvious body conditioning, exercise and the discipline needed as they practice as well as increased confidence. Though my children are certainly not black belt material, they have all gotten better at Karate as time progresses. Josiah (16) and Elijah (14) were recently able to instruct a boys academy in the basic stances, blocks, punches and kicks of Karate. By the way, out of the six children in the family, five do the Homeschool Karate program. This includes not just Josiah and Elijah but my 9, 12 and 23 year old girls! I heartily recommend Homeschool Karate and to my friends at Cross Training I say thank you for not leaving your Christianity at church and thank you for being honest about what you do! By the way, Homeschool Karate is not paying me for this "review," my choice to recommend them to you is because of my appreciativeness of their product! For those interested these DVD's can be purchased and you can find out more about Cross Training at www.homeschoolkarate.com. The set of Homeschool Karate DVD's is what I recommend and the price is great when you consider that you can replay the videos as much as you want.