Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mother/Soldier Who Refuses to Deploy

Here we go again folks!
It sounds good. Mother loves son and does not want to deploy because of her responsibility to him--emotions reel, decisions must be made, the drama unfolds...
Let us consider a few things here:
Apparently this mother had the child out of wedlock. In any of the numerous news stories that I read, NONE mentioned that she is or was married. If that is the case, then she is a FORNICATOR! A physical relationship before marriage is WRONG in the eyes of God and this is evidenced many times in the scriptures (1 Cor. 6:9-11 etc.) In fact, if being a fornicator is a way of life for this woman, she is LOST and will NOT go to heaven UNLESS she repents. You see many problems could be solved by people getting saved and OBEYING GOD! I care not what society thinks, sex before marriage or sex outside of the marriage bounds, is SIN and WRONG! Well, everybody is doing it! NO, they are not! I am not, neither are the many friends we have that love God and serve God! I know many single Christian teens and adults that are pure and that will remain that way until marriage, BECAUSE THEY HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW GOD AND NOT THIS WICKED WORLD! I know many married Christians that are faithful to their spouses BECAUSE THEY HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW GOD AND NOT THIS WICKED WORLD! So, everyone is not immoral, though the majority certainly are. This problem with this "military momma" is she should have been morally pure and stayed that way until marriage. Some might say, "well, if she is unsaved, you can't expect her to do right." Hogwash! Many unsaved, with no Holy Ghost were pure 100 years ago. I have met unsaved young people at universities etc. that are pure, do not drink alcohol etc., though again, this is not the norm.
This "military momma" should have gotten married FIRST and then had children. There is a CORRECT order and regarding physical relationships, that is it!
Secondly, this woman should have, after marriage, STAYED AT HOME! God's way is ALWAYS best! Read Titus 2:5, "To be discreet, CHASTE, KEEPERS AT HOME..." Again, GOD'S WAY IS ALWAYS BEST!
I realize that this subject gets me in trouble often, but I will stay faithful to God's Word! One pastor that I preached for years ago would not let me back in for a meeting because I taught that a Christian married woman belongs at home. While I will not go at length on this post about this, I will also state that single Christian girls/women should not be in the workplace. That would be contradictory to the point of Titus 2:5. And it be would be contrary to many scriptures that deal with temptation, enter not into the path of the wicked etc. A single girl belongs at home with dad and mom until the Lord provides a husband! She can be a blessing by helping with her siblings, assisting with homeschooling, helping mom in the kitchen etc. GOD'S WAY IS ALWAYS BEST!
Concerning the immorality of our nation, in the USA Today article of Nov. 17th 2009, page 8D, it is stated that are more immoral when there are COED dorms. WOW! WHAT A SURPRISE? I am just floored! I would have never guessed!
Are you stupid? Have Americans lost whatever brains they once had. Tv has made the people of our country-walking VEGETABLES! You must have the mentality of a TOMATO if you think that putting unsaved, worldly, young people that are bombarded with sexual messages all day long in their music, tv and conversation-together in this scenario, will not lead to immorality-YOU ARE STUPID!
So, there you have it! If this female soldier had stayed pure, done things in the correct order and then been a "keeper at home" this PROBLEM would not have occurred.
As always, have a nice day!


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