Friday, August 21, 2009

Why a Baptist?

I thought it necessary to post this, due to the title of my series "How Satan is Using Baptist Churches to Destroy Our Youth." Some might incorrectly conclude that I am not a Baptist or that I am against the Baptist churches.
I am a Baptist by conviction and choice. Historically the Baptists have been the ones that were martyred for their faith, as one can clearly see from Foxes Book of Martyrs and Martyr's Mirror. Though over the years, they have been known by various names such as the Lollards, anabaptists, dunkards etc. they were still Baptists. Some might be confused at this and ask, "How could they be Baptists if they were not called Baptists?" What makes the distinction is the view of these groups all held to BELIEVERS BAPTISM in contrast to unscriptural baptism such as baptismal regeneration, baptism of babies etc. This is especially true during the periods of time where the false Roman catholic Church persecuted the genuine believers. A Catholic that was converted to Christ would recognize that his infant baptism was no good and completely unbiblical, therefore he would receive believers baptism as we see in the scriptures (Acts 16:33, 19:5, 1 Cor. 1:13-17). During this time, they were threatened with persecution and death if they did not renounce their believers baptism. Though there was no saving power in baptism, it was an indicator of one's scriptural faith in Christ. Today there are many that hold to believers baptism, though they do not carry the Baptist name on their church. I personally have the conviction to label myself a Baptist ( and at times an AnaBaptist due to the liberalness of many that call themself Baptists)because of this historical position as well as my belief that they hold to the scriptures more closely than any other group or denomination.
Now there are many Baptists that are liberal and are a sad example of Baptists, there are many in the Baptists churches that are LOST etc. I am an Independent Baptist and even many of those have become liberal and a shame to our God and our heritage as Baptist believers in Christ. Though many Baptist churches use the new perverted Bibles, have women preachers, allow the false doctrine of the charismatic movement and have no standards of dress or conduct, the Independent Baptist churches never used to have trouble with these issues. It is the errors such as just mentioned that I would take a stand against, regardless of the specific label label of Baptist one may use.
So please do not misunderstand. I am a Baptist by conviction and choice, but I must take a position to be a Bible-believer above being a Baptist in areas where the Baptist churches have become unscriptural. I preached a message a few years ago called, "Are You a Good Independent Baptist" that dealt with this issue. Many place being a Baptist ABOVE the scriptures and that is neither safe, nor scriptural.
1 Cor. 15:58


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