Monday, August 10, 2009

Hyper-Dispensational Heresy!

I interrupt my series on "How Satan is Using Baptist Churches to Destroy Our Youth" to deal with the heresy of hyperdispensationalism.
While I scripturally believe that Paul is the apostle to the gentiles and that he had certain revelations revealed to him because of that position (Eph 3:1-10 etc.) it is CLEAR that some have WRONGLY divided the Word of Truth.
I will divide hyperdispensationalism unto two parts:
1. General HD-still heretical and unscriptural and
2. Outer Space HD-Very heretical, Very unscriptural and WEIRD!
Both of these are clearly WRONG and I will deal with both of these over a few posts as I also will continue with my series on the family. I will not deal with each and every belief, but I will expose some of their doctrinal errors.
1. Those that hold to this viewpoint will state that Paul was the first one in the Body of Christ. But look at Romans 16:7b where Paul writes, "...who also were in Christ BEFORE ME." Interesting contradiction between the HD's and the Authority, the Word of God!
2. Water Baptism not for today. The HD's base this on Eph. 4:5, but what does "One Lord, one faith, one baptism" really mean. Is there only one faith. According to the scriptures there is a "saving" faith, when one places their faith in Christ for salvation (Gal. 3:26, Romans 4:5, 5:1 etc.). But there is also the LIFE of FAITH lived by the believer that has NOTHING to do with saving faith (Acts 6:8, 11:24, 14:9, Romans 1:8, 14:22, 1 Cor 2:5, 12:9, Gal 5:6, 1 Thes. 3:10 etc.)
In these passages we see "one" faith MUST mean one MAIN faith, one baptism MUST mean one MAIN baptism (which is the spirit baptism of (I Cor. 12:13), one Lord MUST mean one MAIN Lord as there are other Lords, but obviously only ONE true LORD, the God of the Bible. In fact if you desire to get technical, God the Father is called Lord and so is Christ (see Deut. 6:2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13,15, 16, 17, 18,19,20,21,22,24, 25, Matt. 22:37, Rev. 21:22 and compare with Luke 12:41, 23:42, 24:34, John 1:23, 1 Cor. 5:4, 5:5, 6:11, Eph 1:17, Col. 2:6 etc. There are HUNDREDS of scriptures to show this truth that BOTH God the Father and Christ are called LORD, so how could there be ONE Lord?
Paul baptized (1 Cor. 1:14-16) but if the "revelation" that he received included no baptism, then why did he baptize at all?
Interesting also is the fact that historically water baptism has, since the time of Christ, been a public identification with Christ. During the inquisitions where the Catholics MURDERED the real Christians, their concern was if the Christian would renounce his BAPTISM that he submitted to, AS A BELIEVER IN CHRIST! They were called RE-Baptizers due to their recognition that the baptism they received as an infant was unscriptural. If water baptism was not for today, as the HD's claim, then why would the Lord allow it to be such a TOOL to reveal the true believers! As the Catholics practiced baby baptism and others baptismal regeneration, water baptism for BELIEVERS was a dividing issue in that day.
Just because many pervert a Bible truth does not mean that that particular truth should be abandoned.
More to come next time...