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How Satan is Using Baptist Churches to Destroy Our Youth-Segregated Sunday Schools

Hello Again Friends, I would like to continue with my series on the above subject, this time covering segregated Sunday Schools. Now before we begin, let me make it clear that my two main points in dealing with this issue is 1. That overall, Satan is doing a great work influencing our youth for evil and for worldliness through the normal SS movement. I will detail more of this in the present post. 2. The pastor needs to give liberty to parents to do as they see best for their family and their children. If a pastor does not allow this, parents with convictions on the matter will be forced to choose between the "church traditions and rules" and their personal convictions. This is where the normal Baptist church becomes a hindrance to those that desire to follow Christ more closely.
How the Devil Uses Segregated Sunday Schools To help Destroy our Youth
1. By separating the family. The same scriptures that I gave concerning nurseries would be applicable here. There are MANY passages that we see in the OT where families met together and this included infants and children. Historically we also have NO evidence that families split apart during services until the time of Sunday Schools, which as best I can tell began in the late 1800's in the USA. In England, SS's date all the way back to about 1780 where they began as a way to teach the Bible to the poor and to give an alternative to rowdy behaviour of youth at the time.
2. By separating the family, the parents are unable to be present to hear what is being taught to their children. This concept of just trusting anyone to train our children is hogwash. And just because it is a pastor, youth pastor, a veteran SS teacher etc. means NOTHING to me! Listen, it is a FACT, that many of the above spend more time watching the TV set than studying the scriptures and few have any discernment and even less have a godly walk. While I may sound too critical for some, I have been in hundreds of churches that desire to "take" my children during the SS hour and I see both the teacher and the other students (that I will cover in my next point). Listen, I have learned what I have learned from experience. In one SS class when my two older daughters were younger, they came out with A PICTURE OF THE GOLDEN CALF THAT THEY DECORATED AS PART OF THE SS LESSON! When the parents are with the children, they can be aware of what the children are being taught and make corrections after the message if necessary. Out of all the hundreds of churches we have visited and many that we are in regularly, there are few where I know the teachers well enough that I would trust them. I say that, not out of self-righteousness, but out of carefulness for what my children will be taught.
3. By separating the family, your children will NORMALLY be with unsaved children, worldly children and children will little or no standards, which potentially can INFLUENCE them. PEERS CAN QUICKLY BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL INFLUENCE ON YOUR CHILDREN, WHICH REPLACES WHO THE LORD DESIRES TO HAVE THAT PLACE, WHICH IS THE PARENTS! If a child is to routinely be interacting with other children, it should be under the watchful eye of one or both parents! YOUR CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY AT YOUNGER AGES, WILL GET THEIR VIEW OF CHRISTIANITY FROM OTHERS THAT PROFESS CHRIST, AS WELL AS FROM DAD AND MOM, AND THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! If the "professing" Christian at 7, 10, 12, 14 etc. loves the world, speaking of movies, worldly music, Tv etc. your child will get the impression that to do so is NORMAL Christianity! If they are vulgar, crude or cuss (which I have heard from those as young as six years old), then that behaviour can cause your little boy or girl to think that such actions are acceptable for the Christian. Look at 1 Cor. 15:33, "Be not deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners." Even if a child has good manners, EVIL COMMUNICATIONS WILL corrupt them! The scripture does not even read, "might" or "could possibly" could corrupt them, but the implication here is that, it WILL corrupt them! The Lord knows what he is speaking of brethren, this is not a little matter! Be it your child being influenced in the areas I just briefly mentioned, or things such as manners (using worldly words, picking their nose, burping, treatment and attitude concerning girls, etc.) these things ought to be prevented and proper biblical instruction given concerning these issues! Placing your children among those that can influence them, that are worldly, unsaved etc. is DANGEROUS, UNSCRIPTURAL (Jer. 10:1,2, Prov. 4:14 etc.) and FOOLISH!
4. The standards of the teacher. Are they likeminded on dress standards, view of the world etc.
Though there are other things to delve into, I believe this covers the major problems, but I would like to add an important point.
Your children will be under influences other than what we, as parents, would like. But we should attempt to minimize this as much as possible. We have allowed our children to attend SS's, but rarely. These are environments where the aforementioned issues are not problems, such as when we are at our home church, our friend's church in Enterprise, Al. and a few others. Where there is a difference in the children, where there is a teacher that is biblical and can be trusted, and that is NOT the case with the normal Baptist church. But there are exceptions and the parent should have the freedom to decide what the Lord would have for their family and children, not be coerced by the pastor and church tradition. There may be churches that I visit where these issues may not be a problem, but If I do not KNOW that, I will not have my children in the SS class and our conviction is to regularly have our children with us so that we can hear and discuss a message together.
I sincerely hope that this has been a help.


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