Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Satan is Using Baptist Churches to Destroy Our Youth!

How Satan is Using Baptist Churches to Destroy Our Youth
Years ago I drove nearly three hours to Haines City, Fl. to hear a particular preacher speak. We went the distance because it was understood that this Pastor was a good preacher and had much to offer. Upon entering the church with our family of four at the time, we were instantly stopped by a security guard (usher) who informed us that our children under the age of four could not sit in the services and they MUST go to the nursery. Also I was told that my wife was not allowed in the nursery. Now as much as I desired to hear this pastor, I was not going to break our conviction that the family stay together during services. As we prepared to go back to our vehicle, the guard was in awe that we were not willing to comply with their regulation so that we could hear...the preacher! I inquired to the gentleman if this was a King James Bible-believing church to which he quickly replied that it was. Then I sternly asked him to show m where in the BIBLE is it FORBIDDEN for the children to be with their parents during preaching services. HE COULD NOT SHOW ME! Listen brethren, the devil is doing a great work IN OUR CHURCHES today and destroying and corrupting our youth as he works! The CHURCH is NOT God's primary tool for training children-the parent's are! Prov. 22:6, Deut. 6 etc. is written to PARENTS, not an institution! The church should be a SUPPORT of what is scripturally taught at home, but unfortunately the church is normally a HINDRANCE to raising Godly children. As well, a child's PEERS are not to be the major influence, but the parents are. Mal 4:6 does not read, "...the heart of the children to the.." PEERS, but to their fathers.
Think about it brethren, who would desire to see the family split up? Certainly not the Lord. As families grow further apart in our country and among "Christianity" parents and children ought to be together as much as possible for various reasons including creating a stronger bond between family members and being sure of influences around the youth. Now some might STUPIDLY state, "Do you all sleep in the same bedroom" or "Do you go anywhere apart from each other?" That is sheer stupidity friend. The point is that taking children of any age constantly away from the parents is a great danger, it will HINDER a strong bond and it opens up doors for wrong influences.
The general trend in our churches today is 1. The nursery 2. Segregated Sunday School 3. Junior Church 4. Youth Groups 5. Teen Camps 6. Special Activities such as sleepovers, movies etc. Normally, these are very dangerous to the spiritual growth of our youth and over the next few weeks I will explain why and I will include many scriptures.


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